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Liam is a content writer for Fair Betting Sites. He has 7 years of experience writing articles on trending topics including sports and finance. Liam has a passion for analysing trending data and has had his data shared in publications including New York Times, BBC and 1000's more.

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Who is the masked Premier League rapper Dide? Is a question many football fans are asking, after the masked-rapper released their debut single ‘Thrill’ on YouTube. Fair Betting Sites Odds compiler, Alan Alger, has sourced these exclusive odds on which Premier League footballer is the talented rapper ‘Dide’. Which Premier league footballer is rapper ‘Dide’? …

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Oasis to reunite and tour in 2024 priced at 2/1

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Die-hard Oasis fans believe Liam and Noel Gallaghers well-documented feud may be nearing its conclusion and a reunion on the cards after the latter said “he should get his people to call my people”. This was in response to Liam sparking fresh hope on Twitter earlier this week. Rumours of their reunification have failed to …

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Top Premier League Fans That Drink The Most Pints

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Does your team’s league position have an influence on your drinking habits? In an exclusive poll run by Fair Betting Sites, all 20 Premier Leagues fan club subReddits were surveyed on how many pints they drink on game days. Out of the 17,989 responses, Chelsea fans, who currently see their side struggling in 10th, admit …

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Nicola Sturgeon to enter the jungle? I’m A Celebrity and releasing a book among most likely next steps, according to latest odds, as SNP leader steps down Nicola Sturgeon could release a book, appear on I’m A Celebrity or take part in an interview with Piers Morgan as her possible next steps, according to odds …

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Irish Sport Betting Preview – January 2023


After a brilliant year of sport in 2022, January kicks off with a range of big events across horse racing, rugby and gaelic football to get Irish sports fans excited for the sporting thrills and spills that await us in 2023. Here are the latest odds for all of the big events this month. Horse …

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Ann Widdecombe sat down in an exclusive interview with FairBettingSites. Speaking on a wide range of hot topics, the former member of parliament for Maidstone made some eye opening statements about the current nurses strike. Ms Widdecombe also commented on Matt Hancock’s recent trip into the jungle, saying he “failed his constituents”. Highlights from the …

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