Top 10 Highest Paid Instagram Celebrities Per Post

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram has become a powerhouse platform for celebrities that want to connect with their fans and promote brands. With millions of followers at their disposal, social media stars hold incredible influence, catching the attention of marketers who are eager to collaborate with them. The result is a world …

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Who is the masked Premier League rapper Dide? Is a question many football fans are asking, after the masked-rapper released their debut single ‘Thrill’ on YouTube. Fair Betting Sites Odds compiler, Alan Alger, has sourced these exclusive odds on which Premier League footballer is the talented rapper ‘Dide’. Which Premier league footballer is rapper ‘Dide’? …

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8 Stunning Facts About The 2023 World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic broke records this year. With fans all around the world tuning in to watch their favorite players on the biggest stage, the WBC proved to be a major success, growing the game of baseball all around the world. In the tournament’s fifth edition, Japan sealed their third victory behind superstar Shohei …

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Oasis to reunite and tour in 2024 priced at 2/1

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Die-hard Oasis fans believe Liam and Noel Gallaghers well-documented feud may be nearing its conclusion and a reunion on the cards after the latter said “he should get his people to call my people”. This was in response to Liam sparking fresh hope on Twitter earlier this week. Rumours of their reunification have failed to …

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Twitch Online Streaming Report Feb 23

The data analysts at Fair Betting Sites have crunched the Twitch streaming numbers from Streams Charts over the past month to come up with a few key insights. The number of Twitch viewers and channels increased for the second consecutive month in February 2023 The average Twitch channels continued to rise, jumping 5 percent after …

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Top Premier League Fans That Drink The Most Pints

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Does your team’s league position have an influence on your drinking habits? In an exclusive poll run by Fair Betting Sites, all 20 Premier Leagues fan club subReddits were surveyed on how many pints they drink on game days. Out of the 17,989 responses, Chelsea fans, who currently see their side struggling in 10th, admit …

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